Looking for Timber?

Add a new link to your timber supply chain.

The TMBR.market Inventory Board is an online network of producers and forestry professionals sourcing raw material. When you register as a Certified TMBR.market Buyer, you will be instantly notified when new listings appear that meet your criteria, displayed by location and product.

Keep track of it all by logging into our simple and intuitive dashboard, where you can view and manage listings, communicate with sellers, assign personnel, and submit bids.

TMBR.market makes it easy to source & buy timber.

  • Register or log in from any desktop or smartphone browser.
  • Access a thriving network of enthusiastic timber sellers.
  • Search, bid, buy & more—all online at TMBR.market.
  • Real-time Listing Notifications.
  • Clean No-clutter Interface.
  • Connect with ALL the sellers in your area.

If you’re in the business of sourcing timber, we want to make your job as easy as possible. Get in on the action and register with TMBR.market today.

Got Timber? Get TMBR.

With the TMBR app, it’s never been easier to list your timber for sale. Get FREE digital appraisals and tap into a vast network of TMBR.market Certified Buyers. Map, track, list & sell your land or timber — just tap on TMBR.