At Team TMBR, we can do a lot to make timber sales a breeze, but unless you’re a seasoned timber professional, it helps to know some forestry basics. Explore the quick FAQs below to learn more about and the TMBR app, and check out our How Tos and Resource Center for answers to larger questions.

FAQ is an online platform that timber buyers can use to source product listed for sale by users of the TMBR smartphone app. It was created to make it as easy as possible for timber sellers to connect with timber buyers—and vice versa. The launch of the platform and the app is currently planned for spring 2023.

The TMBR app for iOS and Android allows users to easily map, track, list & sell the timber on their land—all on their smartphone. The app utilizes market data and other database resources to provide digital appraisals, forestry expertise, access to forestry maintenance services, and much more. Users will also be able to login to TMBR at when the app launches in spring 2023.

The TMBR smartphone app streamlines, simplifies, and automates a variety of activities that must accompany every timber sale, including appraisals, inspections, evaluations, and more. Downloading the app is free, and there is no obligation. So feel free to take TMBR for a cruise and see for yourself how useful it can be for tracking, managing, and selling your timber.

A major secret to a profitable timber sale is attracting as many bids on the product as possible. As anyone who’s participated in a live or online auction knows, more bids lead to higher sale prices. That’s why TMBR makes it easy for sellers to list their product in a competitive environment.

Not at this time. Currently, the TMBR app is reserved for selling only, including maintenance, management, and other related activities. However, the TMBR Inventory Board is always accessible to TMBR Certified Buyers via any web browser—including smartphone browsers—at (launching spring 2023).

When a TMBR smartphone app user chooses to market their timber, the listing will appear on the TMBR Inventory Board at (launching spring 2023). Likewise, TMBR Certified Buyers will be instantly notified of the listing and given the opportunity to present offers or participate in the bidding process.

Only buyers who have been Certified, or approved, by may view listings and participate in timber sales with users of the TMBR smartphone app. Simply register here to provide the necessary information, and ensure that you meet the legal requirements to become a TMBR Certified Buyer.