Track It. Manage It. PROFIT.

TMBR is the free smartphone app that enables you to easily map, track, manage & sell timber.

Just enter location, acreage, and other details, and TMBR will provide a FREE Appraisal based on current market prices. When you need forestry or land management services, TMBR’s got you covered. And when you’re ready to sell, TMBR will instantly connect you to the market. You’ll receive offers from all of the TMBR Certified professionals in your area. Get top dollar every time.

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Choose the best offer from our competitive network of buyers, and cash out quickly and conveniently.

  • Forestry & Land Management Services in Your Pocket — TMBR offers you instant access to service providers for everything from timber cruises to road & drainage work.
  • Get instant access to the timber market with up-to-the-minute pricing and market data.
  • Easily map your timberland and track the value of your individual timber stands.
  • List some or all of your timber for sale with just a few taps.
  • Access qualified timber buyers urgently seeking product.
  • Connect with TMBR Certified professionals to help you maximize ROI.
  • No previous experience in timber markets necessary.

Even if you’re not planning to sell, you should always be aware of what your land & timber are worth before someone shows up at your door with an offer.

Use the TMBR app to be prepared when opportunity knocks.

Sourcing Timber?

Not only does make it easy to sell — with a buyers account, it’s never been easier to source & buy timber either. Register to become a Certified Buyer today, and put another link in your timber supply chain.  |  SOURCE. BUY. DONE.