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What sale type is right for me?

February 21, 2023|

The sale type or “selling method” is important in determining the fair market value for your timber. The two most popular types are sealed-bid or negotiated price. Sealed-Bids Prospective timber buyers submit written offers to be opened at a specific time and place, and each bidder is only allowed to supply one bid. This is the most competitive way to receive bids and is normally best for final harvests, thinning of older forests, and normal [...]

How do I know what my timber is worth?

February 21, 2023|

The value of your timber is determined by several factors, such as size, quality, species and the distance the purchaser must transport the timber to a particular mill. The estimate given to you by the TMBR app is an estimate based on averages to help you make a more informed decision based on market conditions. You can put your timber up for sale with or without an official inventory from a forester, however you will [...]

How can I estimate the age of my timber?

February 21, 2023|

The short answer is, measurements & math. With the right information, it's not hard to determine the age of your timber within a year or two of accuracy. Here's what you do: STEP 1: Measure the circumference of a given tree in inches about five feet up from the base. STEP 2: Find the "growth factor" for that species of tree from the list further down on this page. Different species of tree have different [...]

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